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What you'll discover in the free business presentation...


What are the business models for self-employment, and how can you harness them for your personal goals? What prerequisites and actions are essential for you to achieve success?


With the right mindset and knowledge, you can accelerate your progress. Success can be programmed, and change is possible. The key to success is also within you. Are you ready to unleash it?

In my business mentoring, you'll receive clear guidance on what to do, what will propel you forward, and what's holding you back from success.


The reason why financial freedom seems so elusive for many often lies in the beliefs that quietly reside within us, shaping our actions. We'll uncover these hidden patterns and overcome their inhibiting effects. The only requirement: your willingness to embrace lifelong learning..

About three years ago, I took a leap of faith into Peter's business model and actively engaged in building the business with him for a few months. Although I've been deeply involved in my main projects for some time now and unable to actively participate, I still enjoy a steady stream of passive income.
The pandemic years brought severe challenges to the event industry, and I felt the impact of these restrictions with full force. Having already been familiar with Peter's location-independent business concept, I made a swift decision to join him. It was a move to create a passive additional income as a safety net, a beacon of hope in turbulent times.
I'm Tatyana from San Diego, living with my family and running a holistic health clinic. I discovered FitLine products this January and was amazed by their impact, especially the PM range. They've boosted my energy, digestion, metabolism, and sleep quality, while reducing sugar cravings and water retention. Sharing these products, I've seen incredible responses from clients, friends, and family. My journey with PM led me to become an International Marketing Manager and attend the unforgettable World Congress in Germany. I'm now aiming for Vice President, eager to spread the benefits of FitLine even further. It's more than a product; it's a family, and everyone benefits.

A brief lapse in attention ended my career as a track athlete and labeled me a 'sports invalid', but it was this very sports accident that introduced me to triathlon, a journey that has been my companion for 30 years now. I've crossed the finish line at 13 IRONMAN competitions, including 7 full-distance races, and have participated in several hundred more across shorter and middle distances.

In my over 30 years of professional life, especially in sales, marketing, and advertising, I've never had a dull moment. However, not all changes - like that sports accident - were what I had hoped for at the time. It was only when I began to understand that changes are constant, and I could shape them according to my desires.

This path had much in common with triathlon: setting goals, preparation and planning, focusing and persevering, even when it gets tough or painful.

Today, as a Metabolism Coach and Business Mentor, I help people elevate their mindset, health, and ultimately their business/income to a new level.

Peter Stengele